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Company Overview

D3 Energy’s focus is on the exploration and development of the its initial asset, ER315 located in the Free State Province of South Africa. ER315 has the potential to be a supplier of much needed natural gas to South Africa for its current energy needs and progress towards energy transition.

In addition to the natural gas potential, D3 Energy has identified significant helium content in the gas identified in ER315. Current world-wide helium shortfalls have created a high price environment for helium, meaning that any volumes proved up in ER315 could yield substantial additional value from the project.

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Global Helium Supply and Demand

  • Classic case of demand outstripping supply
  • Current demand growth of around 5-6% is double expected supply growth
  • Total market expected to grow from 6BCF to just over 8BCF in 2030
  • Tightening supply will have an obvious effect on price

Recent exploration activity

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Initial exploration work undertaken by D3 Energy has allowed the company to certify outstanding Contingent and Prospective Resource estimates on a shoestring budget

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Numbers compare positively to Renergen at similar stage of development and Contingent Resource category dwarfs other ASX listed Helium players

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Two well drilling programme completed safely on time and on budget with excellent results

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World class helium concentrations measured in RBD10 & RBD11 of 5.0% and 5.1% respectively.

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Helium concentrations across other gas producing boreholes of 4.4% to 7.7%.

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 Methane is the other major gas component ranging from 79.0% to 86.4%.

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  RBD10 flowed gas at a stabilised flow rate of 126 Mscfd for a 36-hour period with no evidence of decline.

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 RBD03, an historical borehole drilled in the 1980’s flowed at an average stabilised rate of 81 Mscfd over a 60-hour period with no evidence of decline.

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 Results support a geological model which augers well for further success as the model continues to be refined

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Current Work Program


Identify all gas emitting boreholes within ER315 and install wellheads


Conduct aeromag survey over initial relevant area and assessment of acquired data


Geophysical logging of wells provides information regarding source and subsurface transport of gas


Conduct telluric survey and study over initial selected area to ascertain effectiveness of simple and low cost survey technology for rest of ER315


Collect flow rate and pressure data


Contingent Resource certification by independent expert


Submit application for Production Right up to 30 years tenure